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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Better Together

I keep my wardrobe pretty simple in the summertime.

And by simple, I mean I have about six articles of clothing that I wear over and over.

And by "six articles of clothing," really I mean just one style of tank top and one style of capris, which I bought in three colors each when I finally found some that fit, so technically that might only count as two articles of clothing.

The waist of the capris covers the old muffin top nicely, but still falls low enough that it doesn't look like I imported them from 1974. The leg goes near enough to the ankle to cover most of the spider veins, but also comes high enough that they look like actual capris and not full length pants that shrunk in the dryer.

The tank tops don't show any my middle real estate when I bend over, but they're short enough not to cause a bulky pocket-lump over the seat of the capris. The arm holes fall perfectly under my arms, neither choking off circulation to my armpits, nor hanging so low they show the world the side of my fancy hot pink sports bra.

Put the two together and you have an unbeatable summer clothes combo - perfect for cook outs or veg outs, never looking like I tried too hard to get dressed up, but also looking slightly more pulled together than my winter wardrobe of yoga pants and sweatshirts.

In any case, comfort is key. Also, never going shopping for summer clothes again is key, because I deeply value my time and sanity and self esteem. So making my beloved capris and tanks last as long as possible is one of my top priorities, even more important than figuring out why we never seem to have any sunscreen except for 37 half-empty bottles of SPF5000 for the kids.

I'm having really good luck so far with my new wardrobe-saving laundry regimen. We're using Tide detergent, Downy fabric softener, and Bounce dryer sheets. Together, they're keeping my precious capris and tanks from getting threadbare and falling apart at the seams, which is saving me from having to view myself in any changing room mirrors. Not only that, but my clothes are soft, and they smell good - but not so good that I get chased by bees when I go outside. Winning!

Attribution Statement: This post is sponsored by P&G. With Tide®, Downy® and Bounce®, you can keep your summer fashions looking new up to 50% longer.* Text CLEAN to TARGET (827438) for mobile coupons. *vs. leading value detergent alone


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