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Friday, November 29, 2013

how K'NEX taught my kid about musical icons

Now hear this: The amazing post you are about to read has been sponsored by K'NEX, insofar as I received cool toys in exchange for telling you about them. All opinions are my own.

I'm going to say something right now that might surprise you: I recently discovered that my daughter didn't know who The Beatles are.

I KNOW. I blame myself. I think when I became a mom I assumed that certain things - hair color, a hatred of lima beans, awareness of major musical icons - was encoded in the DNA.

As it turns out, a human being has to be told about certain major events, important people, and cultural phenomena, and that includes The Beatles.

I was surprised, too!

Well, K'NEX afforded me with the opportunity to discuss Beatlemania as well as basic engineering skills with my daughter, by graciously inviting me to check out some toys they're offering exclusively at Toys "R" Us, like this Beatles Yellow Submarine building set. Naturally she already knew what K'NEX are. She doesn't lead a completely sheltered life.

Together, she and I discussed the origins of rock 'n' roll as we assembled the Yellow Submarine in K'NEX form, then had a raucous time fighting the Blue Meanies with the Beatles figures. (Well, with most of them - she wouldn't let Ringo play. Poor Ringo.)

They're rocking out on the stage - groovy, man!

I can't say for sure my 8-year-old fully grasped the cultural importance of the Fab Four, but she did have a great time with the set, and I slept easier knowing Pepperland was safe. What more can you ask for in a toy?

Huge thanks to K'NEX and Toy "R" Us for bringing us these fun toys, and for sending this one to me! Make sure to check out this set - and the other six K'NEX products exclusive to Toys "R" Us - when you're out shopping for the holidays!


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