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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Loveagram App

Sometimes, as a blogger, I get to do really cool stuff. It isn't all typing-induced carpal tunnel syndrome and Googling euphemisms for body parts, ya know.

Last night I got to test out the new app, Loveagram, from WhatDelay Industries. They're finding new ways to help people express their emotions, and we all know I could use some help in that department. Here's what they have to say:
Loveagram is a new iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch application that allows you to share love and affection with those you care about, via short video clips that you create with graphics and sound. The process is simple. You take a picture of someone you care about, choose a graphic; heart, kisses, flowers, or a combination of all three, record the video, and watch the graphic appear one by one with the sound of your voice. After you're done recording your video, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter for others to see.
"Ha," I thought. "These people have no idea how tech-dumb I am. It can't be that easy." I downloaded the app anyway, because I like making an idiot of myself, but you know what? It was  super easy. Madeline helped me make this Loveagram, in which I finally  got a recording of her saying her own nickname (she normally stops talking as soon as she realizes someone's trying to record her, but those hearts popping up kept her distracted) - then Gerry came along to see if he could make a giant heart appear just with the power of his own dorkiness.

Cute, right? And it's not just for Valentine's Day - yes, you can make a Loveagram with a picture of your sweetie and whisper sweet nothings to them, but you could also send a picture of your kids to Grandma with a recording of them singing Happy Birthday to her! How many brownie points would THAT get you? What about sending a little "thank you" message to your Mom on Mother's Day, or a love note to your hubs on your anniversary? They're quick and easy to make, personal, and you can share them on Twitter, Facebook,  or YouTube, or maybe just email it, depending on how public you want your affection to be. Hey, no judgement here.

As a bonus, through Valentine's Day the app is only $0.99! Quite a bargain, for all that fun and adorable love sharing, amiright? So get the app, check out Loveagram on Facebook and Twitter, and tell them I sent you! Or better yet, just get right down to sharing the love.

This post was a sponsored review.
As always, my opinions are my own. For example -
Love: good.
Loveagram: also good.