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Friday, August 22, 2014

Yay, the cat is less annoying now!

I'm here to tell you the story of how cat food helped my sweet, beloved cat become slightly less annoying.

I've already told you about my occasional plans to punt Chauncey cross-country,* and why I was sorry-not-sorry for ignoring him after the baby was born, and that he'll barf at the drop of a hat if he even thinks about maybe getting stressed out.

*Not literally - please don't send me cat-loving hate mail.

Anyway, aside from barfing on the stairs and waking the baby up late at night, he also works vigilantly to irritate me first thing in the morning. For some reason he acts like I'm going to forget to feed him when I wake up, probably because I usually do, so he circles my feet and meows loudly and tries to trip me on my way to the all-important, life-giving coffee maker. It's a gigantic production, during which he acts like he's about two milliseconds from starving to death. Finally I relent and dump a can of food in his dish, and he... walks away.

He doesn't even sniff it.

So annoying.

Enter LUVSOME, a new brand of dog and cat food sold exclusively at Kroger stores. I liked them right away because their logo is cute. JUST KIDDING (although it is cute) - I liked that they've partnered with Best Friends Animal Society. In fact, each time someone - like you, hint hint - uses the hashtag #luvsome on social media, they donate a bowl of LUVSOME food to BFAS! Awesome.

Anyway, the kind folks at LUVSOME sent me a really cool "switch kit" to introduce the food to Chauncey, and I figured it couldn't hurt to try it since the worst thing that could happen is that he'd barf, which he was 100% definitely going to do anyway because he barfs all. the. time.

All he had to do was sniff the can and stay in focus.

Shut my mouth, though, because:
A) He didn't throw up AT ALL during his LUVSOME trial, which is pretty unheard of, and
B) I didn't throw up either, because somehow the wet cat food magically didn't smell like rotten bile, unlike his old food, which come to think of it might explain some of his past barfing, and
C) After whining and begging for his breakfast in the morning, he actually ate it - enthusiastically - instead of just making sure I put it in the bowl and then trotting away.

I would say actually eating the food he begged for and not barfing is a serious win, and a serious improvement in the cat-annoyance category.

But wait, there's more! Because LUVSOME knows you guys love your pets (whether they're being adorable or irritating or out of focus) too, they're going to send fun switch kits to TWO of you lucky pet-loving folks, each with a free coupon for LUVSOME and a $50 Kroger gift card.


To enter, just leave a comment below telling me something about your pet! Make sure to include your email address, and on Friday, 8/29/14 at noon EST I'll pick two winners at random (U.S. residents only - sorry, international friends, maybe you should petition you government and ask them to open some Krogers in your country?) and send an email request for your mailing address. If I don't hear back from you in 24 hours I'll pick an alternate winner. LUVSOME will handle prize fulfillment; Hollow Tree Ventures assumes no responsibility for that junk, because I don't have the prizes, okay? Easy? Easy. Good luck!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but all opinions, weirdly double-jointed thumbs and Chauncey's giant clumps of gray fur are my own. Also, I'm trademarking the phrase, "Wet cat food that magically doesn't smell like rotten bile" in case I start my own pet food company some day.


  1. My dog Shaft is obsessed with the potty chair, for the truly disgusting reason you already suspect. Not shutting the lid is a punishable offense in our house.

    1. So much more convenient than reaching all the way up to the big potty, though... :P

  2. My dog, Hadley, had a marathon day of throwing up this week. She christened my new car (GROSS), got the bedroom carpeting and 3 different rugs on top of that. There's hardwood everywhere, bitch! Why you gotta pick carpets, rugs and upholstery to cack on?

    1. They NEVER pick an easy surface to clean. Why? WHYYYYYYYY? (P.S. Chauncey threw up on the tiled kitchen floor this morning - I was almost *grateful* until I saw that he also threw up ON THE COUCH. Of note: I was trying to use up the rest of his old food. Back to LUVSOME we go!)

  3. I would love to win this because we have a problem with our cat throwing up at LEAST once a day. It is always on the carpet, and sometimes my daughters bed. If this could help her stop throwing up it would be a miracle!

    1. sorry, my email address is hjbkmb05@yahoo.com

    2. Well I can't make any promises about the barfing, but it sure helped us - so good luck! Believe me, I know how much that sucks.

  4. My daughter's cat Bebe likes to steal my dog Fido's food. And then throw it up.
    Don't think she likes HER food and thusly here I am entering contest.