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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Purr-ifier Makes Cat Stink a Thing of the Past

This is going to sound like a completely made up lie for the sake of this review, but I assure you it's 100% the truth:

One day, as I sat down at the sofa table that serves as a desk in my toddler's bedroom which serves as my office (because I'm fancy), Chauncey (my cat) availed himself of the litter box, which is conveniently (for him - not me) located in the bathroom right next to my office/toddler bedroom.

I'll spare you the details because I like you, but suffice it to say - the smell was bad.

Really bad.

Like, I'm-not-going-to-be-able-to-get-any-work-done bad.


But unfortunately, not getting work done isn't really an option, so as I'm often forced to do, I opened the window and pressed my face against the screen to gasp at the fresh air while I checked my email.

Now, that's not the part that sounds like a lie - I'm sure that's exactly how glamorous you envision my life to be, on the rare occasions when you bother to envision my life.

The part that sounds like a lie, but is true, is that right then I happened to open an email from Purr-ifier, the nice people with an awesome system that's reported to be a "powerful new way to control litter box odor," asking if I'd have any interest in reviewing their product. Nice timing!

"UM, YES PLEASE," I typed while holding my breath, vowing not to burn the litter box down and salt the earth where it stood until I gave Purr-ifier a chance to work its magic.

Not my actual cat.
Not my actual bathroom, either
- no way has it ever been that clean.
When the device arrived, I sent my husband in with his hazmat suit to install it. It was really fast and easy to set up - it just goes right on top of the litter box - aside from the fact that, since the cat's occasional stench prevents us from ever using that bathroom, we'd completely forgotten the only outlet in there is ON THE CEILING.

Because, as I mentioned, we're fancy.

So he draped the cord across the room and up to the ceiling (good thing the cord's nice and long!) and immediately declared the Purr-ifier was... broken.

"What? NO! It can't be!" I exclaimed, holding my sleeve over my nose to protect myself from the air in that general area.

But my husband, being a clever fellow with excellent mechanical skills, quickly discovered the problem - he just couldn't hear it. Yup, the Purr-ifier is SO QUIET, we couldn't even tell it was working!

But soon enough we could definitely tell it was working; we still couldn't hear anything, but we couldn't smell anything either.

It's been glorious.

No more checking email with my face pressed up against the window screen! The down side is I don't have an excuse for not getting any work done, but as a bonus we've gained a bathroom that you can actually use now because it doesn't smell like litter box anymore! I mean, you can use it as long as you don't plan on trying to plug in anything, like a hair dryer or curling iron, since the outlet is in the ceiling and all. But I wasn't planning on doing that anyway.

I'm not that fancy.

I was compensated for this review, but the opinions and new ability to use my upstairs bathroom are MINE, ALL MINE!


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